HoTT Faculty

HoTT brings together faculty in English, History, Information Sciences, Modern Languages, and Religion, among others. Incorporating new faculty hires (made possible in 2007–2009 by the competitive cluster-hiring initiative of Pathways of Excellence), HoTT builds on existing excellence in Text Technologies at FSU. The program focuses chiefly on the history of text and textual communities in Western Europe, especially in the related literatures and cultures of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain over the last two millennia. In this lengthy story of how texts have evolved and have transformed cultures—from tablet to roll to book to computer and from inscription to handwriting to print to digitization—our focus is on textual production, transmission, transformation, and reception. In our teaching and research, we recognize that new technologies are crucial tools for studying older technologies.

Terri Bourus — Professor of Theatre

Print and performance of early modern drama; bibliography and editing.

Anne Coldiron — Professor of English

Late-Medieval and Renaissance literature with specializations in French-English literary relations, translation, and early printing.

Fran├žois Dupuigrenet-Desroussilles — Professor of Religion

History and ethnography of religion with a research focus on the history of the Christian Bible in Medieval and early modern Europe, and religious visual poetry of the Baroque era.

David L. Gants — Associate Professor of English

Descriptive and analytical bibliography; the history of the book with specialization in the evolution of the book trade from 1450–1700 to the current digital transformation.

S.E. Gontarski — Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English

Twentieth-century Irish studies and European Modernism with specializations in contemporary publishing trends and performance theory.

John V. Nance — Post-doctorral Fellow in English

Bibliography and editing.

Gary Taylor — Chair of the Department of English & George Matthew Edgar Professor of English

Founding director of the History of Text Technologies Program, whose specialties include editorial theory, printed and manuscript texts of early modern drama, and the history of publishing.

Lori Walters — Harry F. Williams Professor of Modern Languages

Medieval and Renaissance French literature with special interest in literature in its manuscript context.

Affiliated Faculty

Denise Bookwalter — Assistant Professor of Art


Francis Cairns — Professor of Classics

Medieval and Renaissance Latin literature

Bryan J. Cuevas — Associate Professor of Religion

Tibetan and Buddhist texts

Nancy de Grummond — M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics

Etruscan Text Technology

Leigh H. Edwards — Associate Professor of English

Media studies, with particular emphasis on television and music and American literature and popular culture from the 19th century to the present

Barry Faulk — Associate Professor of English

Critical theory and late nineteenth and twentieth century popular culture, with particular emphasis on music

Kristie S. Fleckenstein — Professor of English

Visual literacy and composition pedagogy

Paula Gerson — Emerita Professor of Art History

Medieval art and architecture.

Keith Howard — Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Early Modern Spanish-Italian interactions

David Johnson — Professor of English

Old English, Latin, and Germanic textuality

Stephanie Leitch — Associate Professor of Art History

Early Modern prints

Dennis Moore — Associate Professor of English

Literature and culture of eighteenth-century America and U.S. literature to 1900 as well as African American literature

Mary Pohl — Emerita and Laura Jepsen Professor of Anthropology

Mesoamerican writing systems

Robert Romanchuk — Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Medieval Slavic

Philip E. Steinberg — Professor of Geography

History of cartography

Ned Stuckey-French — Associate Professor of English

Post-1900 American publishing

Silvia Valisa — Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Nineteenth-century Italian publishing

Eric Walker — Professor of English

British Romantic textuality

Lauren S. Weingarden — Associate Professor of Art History

Modernist word and image

Jimmy Yu — Assistant Professor of Religion

History and ethnography of religions